Aliens and UFOs Channel

Aliens and UFOs ChannelQuick Look: This channel launched with ten videos. Typical titles include Europe's Roswell about a January 1983 UFO crash near Aberystwyth; Alien Origins by Lloyd Pye, which proposes that human DNA is of extraterrestrial origins; and Lies and Deception: UFOS and the Secret Agenda, which looks at black technology developed from crashed alien craft, hybridization of the human race, classified top secret UK documents.

The video quality of the stream is medium at best and you'll see a short commercial every 4 to 5 minutes. If you're going to watch one of the films on this channel, though, you'll want to watch it in one sitting because of the way in which the commercials are "embedded". Each video is broken up into segments of around 4 minutes each, and each segment is treated as an individual video, although you cannot access these segments independently. You can fast forward and rewind only within the 4-minute segment currently being played. If you exit from watching a title halfway through, not only is there no "resume" function, but you have to fast-forward through a 4-minute segment, watch a commercial, fast-forward through the next 4-minute segment, watch a commercial, and so on.

-- Information is current as of June 30, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: Alien Abductions and UFO Encounters abound around the Globe. The Aliens and UFOs Channel features top authorities on the UFO enigma revealing the ramifications of the Alien presence on earth with information you were never meant to know.

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