Air strike

Quick Look: Air strike is a rather simplistic and straightforward game where the object is to shoot down oncoming aircraft while avoiding their artillery fire while collecting the oncoming tokens. Use the up and down directional arrows to move your airplane, and the OK button to fire missiles. The back arrow button will pause the game. There are at least 20 levels available in the free version of the game, along with one free plane option. Additional aircraft can be purchased in-channel.

Below are several screenshots of the actual game, which are much different than the screenshots shown in the Roku channel store.

-- Information is current as of February 4, 2022

Developer's Channel Description: Have you imagined joining in battle and saving the world against aliens? Have you ever dreamed that you are dodging through enemy missiles, spaceships without being hit like an ace pilot? Make it real you able to fly in the desert, snow, forest and city. Get on the plane and shoot ‘em up! We provide you with four different upgrades of planes and lots of mini bosses and bosses to fight with. Go and see the colorful graphics and ride powerful planes. Find a safe way to attack aliens, destroy their spaceships and save the earth. It’s easy to play but you need to practice to become an ace pilot. Airstrike is an exciting experience for classic Raider, air combat and sci-fi story.

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FEES: Basic channel is free. Buy the Full game for a one time purchase of $2.99

Air Strike Roku game screenshots
Air Strike Roku game screenshots
Air Strike Roku game screenshots