AFN - A Family Network

AFN - A Family Network is not what it tries to appear to be. AFN actually stands for America First News and carries a dozen videos covering the usual conservative talking points like "Democrat Destruction," Hunter Biden, and the "Border Crisis."

The channel also has a dozen episodes of America 180 with David Brody, a podcast that takes "an in-depth look and analysis of the current political landscape, how today's culture has undergone a 180-degree change and how we can bring sanity and moral clarity back to America," and seven America First News Exclusive Interviews that include former Arizona Governor Kari Lake; Lt. Col. Allen West talking about "the Constitution, American Exceptionalism, and why he joined the military;" and Kyle Thompson, who "advocates for dismantling toxic masculinity through education, dialogue, and community building."

Despite the Roku channel store's promise of kids' cartoons, there were none to be found on the AFN Roku channel.

-- Information is current as of May 5, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: AFN is a family friendly network with everything from the nightly news, reality shows and even
kid's cartoons! And not one single piece of content contains anything remotely "woke"!

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