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Quick Look: No, Adult TV does not contain the "adult entertainment" you might be expecting; rather, the channel offers a mix of B-grade and vintage movies along with short-lived TV series that are geared towards an older audience. Most of the content does, however, fall under the cinematic rating of "R".

The content is not really categorized other than by available series, but movies can be found in most of the typical genres including Comedy, Thriller, Drama, Horror and Classics/Vintage. Titles include The Hired Killer (2005), a suspense film in which a professional assassin accidentally injures a girl on a hit job, then out of a deep sense of guilt and a need for redemption, he takes on one last job to make things right; San Saba (2008), where Private Investigator Bud wakes from a coma in a hospital room and is immediately charged with murder but as the story unfolds in flashback, Bud discovers that no one seems to be who he or she claim to be and everyone's motives are suspect; and Stranger In My Bed (2005), where a woman fakes her own death and assumes a new identity in a new town to escape an abusive relationship, but her husband discovers the truth and will stop at nothing to get back at her and destroy her new life.

Series includes the following:

  • Gown and Out in Beverly Hills
  • Battalion Fresno
  • Egypt Through the Years
  • Ghost Stories
  • Linnea Quigley's Paranormal Truth

-- Information is current as of December 1, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Tired of scrolling through endless amounts of kids and family content to find what you want to watch? On Adult TV we have the movies & shows just for you!

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