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Quick Look: Action movie vids is a collection of 41 vintage public domain movies and serials, many of which are already found on other Roku channels. Titles include "The Black Pirate," a 1926 silent film; the 1938 crime thriller "Bulldog Drummond in Africa," and the 1951 Western "Vengeance Valley" starring Burt Lancaster.

-- Information is current as of November 14, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description:Slip back into the world of classic action videos and enjoy the most breathtaking adventures and stories. Action movie vids channel broadcasts top classic actions of all times. Browse the category to see how many videos are there to enjoy right from your browser. The presented assortment features such well-known stars as Barry Norton, John Wayne, Charles Trowbridge, Bob Nolan, Al St. John, Bud Collyer, and many other outstanding actors. Have a good time watching incredible films with enticing plot and lots of action. Watch ratings and download your favorite motion pictures for free.
On our channel, you will find the old screenplays released between the 20s and 60s as well as
modern videos from 2006 to 2015. We’ve made an exclusive selection of high-rated actions with
a good mix of themes, including science fiction, fantasy, comedy, adventure, drama, crime,
romance, and Western. With over a hundred of the must-see option, you can explore and enjoy
dozens of kick-ass films. Review the range and add them up to your watch list today. Don’t miss updates, subscribe to the channel!

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