Abundance Plus

Quick Look: Abundance Plus is a family homesteading channel that introduces you to a different way of living. While this may sound a bit intimidating, it's not quite as drastic as living off the grid, but it's close. The idea of this channel is to educate people about helping the environment, not being dependent on others (especially industry giants), being self-sustainable and living your best life.

The channel is full of testimonials and tutorial videos from families that have done just that - checked out and made a go at being self sustainable. There are many different videos to help you move on and become homesteaders, with master classes covering Permiculture, Butchery, Farming and Developing Pastures. There are also many other videos discussing raising animals (chickens, cows,pigs, rabbits, ducks , goats and the list goes on), farming, greenhouses, the business end of homesteading, and home cooking recipes.

The channel is subscription based, but you can browse all of the available titles without a subscription. Many of these same videos are available for free on various YouTube channels, one of which is the Justin Rhodes YouTube channel, which includes the video below.

-- Information is current as of August 13, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Finally a streaming network you can enjoy with the ENTIRE family. Be inspired to grow with the Rhodes' original docuseries, Rooted. Get your favorite Justin Rhodes vlogs (without the ads) and enjoy a tight-knit community chat. Stream Anywhere, Anytime.

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DEVELOPER: Abundant Permaculture LLC

FEES: $14.99/month