USB Media Player Updated to Roku Media Player with New Features

December 22, 2013 - 18:22 -- RokuGuide

Roku Media Player Roku has updated their USB Media Player and renamed it Roku Media Player to reflect the fact that the app is no longer limited to accessing content on USB thumb drives. The Roku Media Player now lets you stream music, videos, and photos from a computer (on the same network) that's running a compatible media server such as Windows Media Player, Twonky, or Plex.

For those of you using Roku models with USB ports, you can still access media from your USB thumb drives. If you're already a USB Media Player user, you may need to force a Roku update by going to your Roku menu and selecting Settings ==> System update ==> Check now. If your Roku has already done an automatic update, the old USB Media Player channel icon will be replaced with the new Roku Media Player icon. And don't confuse this app with the third-party Media Browser app that we launched last week; that app will require you to download a media server designed specifically for that app.

Click here for more information on the Roku Media Player app, a list of supported media formats, and a link to add the channel to your own Roku player.