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New Roku Channels - December 18, 2018

December 18, 2018 - 19:25 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - December 18, 2018We've reviewed 30 new Roku channels so far this week, with content in the categories of Comedy, Educational, Fitness, Food, International, Lifestyle, Music, News & Weather, Personal Media, Religious, Special Interest, Screensavers, Sports, Travel, and Movies & TV. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

Mukbang TV - The Eating Show - Dorothy noisily and sloppily eats large amounts of foods
Three Stooges - Moe, Larry, and Shemp in over six dozen slapstick shorts from 1934 to 1944
Santa Reads Christmas - A reading of the story 'The Night Before Christmas,' a 1933 animation, and a 1955 Christmas Eve episode of 'The Hit Parade'
VR Games - Virtual reality gameplay, tips, and game reviews
Arthritis Relief - Videos for arthritis sufferers
Christmas Tree Screensaver - Display images of Christmas trees while your Roku is idle ($)
Mental Floss - Thought provoking educational videos
SAVOR - Outdoor cooking with Mad Dog & Merrill
Drum Channel - Drum solos
JSYOB - Video series for online marketing: "Set Up My Resell Rights Product" and "Here to Help You Webinar"
Liverpool Timeless - Videos about Liverpool, England
Merry Christmas - "Merry Christmas Atmosphere" and virtual fireplace videos
Online Businesses - Online business marketing strategies
The Christmas Room & Fireplace - A crackling Christmas fireplace set between windows with a changing outdoor scene
Viral Comedy Skits - Urban viral comedy, funnies, skits and bloopers
Woodworking HQ - 10 DIY woodworking videos
EliteVideoTVNetwork - Six videos on how to make money at home and/or online
MingMint Azio TV - Shows from the Taiwanese satellite/cable channel Azio TV (Chinese)
VOSA TV - A live feed of Voice of South Asia, a web-based TV channel for South Asians who live abroad
Reach Up Spiritual Network - Three spiritual, inspirational, and motivational videos
MingMint Newswawawa - News videos from the 新聞挖挖哇! YouTube channel (Chinese)
Mingmint Princess Cooking - Taiwanese cooking videos (Chinese)
3B Warriors - Reiki healing, energy medicine, and Jungian psychology
Anti Aging Gell - Infomercials for an OTC transdermal human growth hormone product
Business Channel Buz On Biz - An hour-long video from a seminar on how to increase your sales by 30% or more in 90 days or less
Emmanuel Productions - A trailer for a 2016 DVD called "Entertaining an Angel"
Freedom Outdoors - Bass boat sales videos from a boat dealership in Ohio and Indiana
Horse Racing Live - A single promotional video for Henry's Horse Racing and Handicapping Group
Mingmint Super Lucky - Episodes of the Taiwanese game show "Super Lucky" (Chinese)
The Christmas Room with Music - A clone of the The Christmas Room & Fireplace (this one has no music, either)