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Merry Christmas

Quick Look: Merry Christmas is a collection of 13 "Merry Christmas Atmosphere" videos and 30 virtual fireplaces (and campfires and jack-o-lanterns). The fireplace videos contain a variety of effects featuring "authentic crackling" or musical accompaniment or both. Most are traditional fireplaces, like "Cute Christmas Fireplaces" and "Cozy Christmas Fireplace," but you'll also find a "Forest Campfire Near Small Relaxing Stream" and "Peaceful Japanese Garden wit Relaxing Fire Bowl Sounds" and other non-Christmas selections like "Flickering Jack O Lanterns with Creepy Forest Halloween Sounds."

The "atmosphere" videos are grab bag of seemingly random YouTube videos with titles like "Light Up Larkfield for Christmas - Christmas Lights Big Switch On 2018," "A Very British Christmas Shopping Trip in London 4K," and the one shown below.

Note that videos can take a bit of time to load (20 seconds or more), during which time you'll see a small spinning Christmas stocking and will be unable to return to the home menu. If you grow tired of waiting for a video to load, you'll need to use the Home button on your remote and exit completely out of the channel.

-- Information is current as of December 17, 2018

Roku Channel Store Description: Virtual fireplace, Christmas atmosphere & Music!

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