Husbands The Series on Streamin' Garage

November 11, 2011 - 21:29 -- RokuGuide

Husbands on Streamin' GarageIf Streamin' Garage isn't on your Roku channel lineup, here's a reason to add it: Husbands The Series. Husbands is a weekly web series about two men who wake up married after a drunken weekend in Las Vegas. This comedy follows the newlyweds as they decide to stay married instead of going through an embarrassing divorce.

Husbands just completed its first season of 11 installments, which recently hit a quarter of million views on the series' website. Now the series is available on the Streamin' Garage Roku channel. With each episode only a couple of minutes in length, you can catch up on the entire season of episodes pretty quickly.

For more information on Husbands The Series, visit the following links:

Husbands the Series Website
Husbands the Series on Facebook
Husbands the Series (@TeamHusbands) on Twitter

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