Looking for the Facebook channel on Roku? It's now Your Photo Feed

March 24, 2017 - 17:45 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - March 24, 2017[UPDATE: Your Photo Feed has been removed from the Roku Channel Store, so please disregard any information in this article pertaining to that channel.]

If you tried to find Roku's Facebook channel in the last couple of weeks, you likely thought that it had been removed. That wouldn't be a surprise, given that many of the channel's functions haven't worked in years. The channel isn't gone, though, it's just been renamed to "Your Photo Feed."

The channel's new name is more in line with its functionality. Although its full name has always been "Facebook Photos and Video," the channel logo implied that it might be offer full-featured Facebook access. In fact, it never allowed users to post or to view newsfeeds and was always geared to photos and videos.

In addition to the new name, "Your Photo Feed" has a slimmed-down feature set. Gone are newsfeed photos and videos - you're limited to view photos and videos you posted yourself, and those of your friends. A couple of screenshots of the updated channel are shown below.

In my testing, there were still some glitches, such as an extremely limited number of friends being listed, and no photos posted within the last six months. For a full review of the channel, visit our "Your Photo Feed" Roku channel page.

Your Photo Feed Roku channel screenshot

Your Photo Feed Roku channel screenshot