Relax Time

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Hours of videos with soothing sounds and amazing scenery

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RokuGuide Channel Description: Relax Time offers a variety of natural scenes with a wide variety of content. Some videos are set to music while others simply offer the sounds of nature. The videos are generally filmed from a stationary camera and run nonstop for a period of time.

  • Tropical Lagoon - Over 1 hour of underwater footage filmed on a shallow reef
  • Aquarium - Approximately 2 hours of whale sharks, stingrays, mantas and sharks swimming around in a very large aquarium, set to music
  • Ocean Waves at Sunset - An hour of waves at sunset on a very rugged coastline
  • Fireplace - 2 hours of a roaring fire in a fireplace
  • Rain & Thunderstorm - 8 hours of rain and thunder
  • Earth - 30 min of assorted time-lapse views of various scenes (mountains, sky, deserts, and more)
  • Yellowstone Geyser- over an hour of footage of a bubbling geyser
  • Waterfall-3 hours of a multi-tiered waterfall and babbling brook
  • Tropical beach - 3 hours of waves washing ashore on a desert island

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