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Real conversations about everything that happens in our world

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Channel Description: Cliff Central offers audio-only podcasts from, which "aims to create the pre-eminent 'infotainment' online content hub. It’s about sharing in real conversations – everything that happens in our world – everything we all experience every day – makes us think… makes us laugh… makes us cry… makes us angry… inspires us… what makes us human."

The channels provides on-demand access to past episodes of The Gareth Cliff Show and CliffCentral Radio. Also available is live feed of their online radio, which features ten different podcasts between 6:00 am to 6:00 pm weekdays, and replays during the remaining hours. According to their website, topics discussed during the day include "sport, finance, legal, beauty, fashion, astronomy, celebrity gossip, technology, gaming, youth panels, education, entrepreneurship, health and fitness, love and relationships, social media, inspirational stories, television, movies, lifestyle related topics… everything that is relevant to our audience."

A list of podcasts and live broadcast times can be found on the Cliff Central website.

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