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Zeekay Junior

Quick Look: Zeekay Junior is a channel geared towards preschoolers with a variety of both live action and animated series. These series are both entertaining and educational and include the following titles:

  • Big Barn Farm - Animated adventures of a group of baby animals
  • Finger Tips - Arts and Crafts channel for kids
  • Flogals - Curious aliens experience life on Earth
  • Kody Kapow - Watch Kody protect his village from evil forces
  • Let's Play - Rebecca walks through a magic curtain and experiences wild adventures
  • Lilybuds - The adventures of tiny magical gardeners '
  • Little Grey Fergie - A collection of fun stories for kids
  • Little Princess - Watch the adventures of little princess and her friends
  • Magiki - Explore a magical world of fairies and mermaids and learn a few lessons as well
  • Mister Maker's Show - Learn more about Art's and Crafts
  • Scrambled Junior - Skits, gags, challenges and more
  • Secret World of Santa Claus - See what happens behind the doors at Santa's Workshop
  • Tee and Mo - Sing-alongs and fun interactive games for your toddler
  • The Phonic Fairy - Join the phonic Fairy as she reads to you about magical adventures
  • Tickety Toc - Join the twins as they try to save the magical clock and the world behind it
  • Waybuloo - A series that encourages your children to be creative and solve problems
  • Zack & Quack - A story about a 7-year-old boy and his best friend, a curious young duck

Below is a video from one of the series listed above.

-- Information is current as of March 4, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to ZeeKay Junior! On our channel you can catch up with the latest videos from your favorite shows- make puppets with Mister Maker, sing along with Waybuloo and what pop up's can you find with Zack&Quack? ZeeKay Junior is a preschool channel publishing new content every week so subscribe now to be the first to catch up with the latest videos!

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc.

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