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World War Channel Quick Look: The World War Channel carries nine video titles on the theme of war. Most are obscure or foreign films such as True Colors, a 1987 Australian war drama based on the true story of World War II hero Nancy Wake (which is the original Australian title of this film). A Man Called Intrepid is a three-part TV mini-series from England in which a wealthy Canadian uses his own money to help the Allies form an espionage network1; note that the entire miniseries is 360 minutes in length but there is only one 92-minute video on this Roku channel.

There are also older American films such as the 1952 Korean War drama Hold Back the Night and The Password Is Courage, a 1962 film about a British officer trying to escape from the Germans.

Video and sound quality are variable, but often poor. The War Boy looks like it was recorded by pointing a camcorder at a TV screen; you can't even read some of the opening credits because the video is so fuzzy. True Colors was apparently transferred from a VHS player, as you'll see from the tracking errors in the early part of the video.
Still, if you're interested in hard-to-find war movies, you may be able to overlook the video and sound quality in favor of the content. The Password Is Courage, on the other hand, carries the Turner Classic Movies logo in the corner and is of much higher quality.

For more war movies and war-themed videos on your Roku, visit The America's Wars Channel, Warriors of War, Honor, and Hero.

-- Information is current as of August 13, 2012

Developer's Channel Description: All the best about the world's wars. Raw footage, movies and more. Dive in to the beach...

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