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HonorQuick Look: Honor offers several military-themed video series, with each video being around a half-hour in length. These series are:

  • Air Combat – Videos on military aircraft and air battles. F-117A Nighthawk, F-4 Phantom, Harrier, Series titled Air War: Vietnam 1964-1972.
  • Taking the Oath – This video series, subtitled “America’s History From the Oval Office” covers all 13 presidents from Roosevelt through Obama.
  • The RAF at War – Seven videos telling the history of the Royal Air Force
  • USMC: Gulf – A 12-part series on the battle history of the US Marine Corps in the the Gulf Wars and Afghanistan
  • USMC: Korea – A 12-part series on the US Marine Corps in the Korean War
  • USMC: Pacific – Eleven videos telling the story of the US Marine Corps’ WWII battles in the Pacific, including Midway, Guadalcanal, and the Solomons
  • USMC: Vietnam – Thirteen videos on USMC battles in Vietnam
  • World War II – Each 23-minute video covers one year of WWII, from 1941 through 1945

For more war movies and war-themed videos on your Roku, visit The America's Wars Channel, Warriors of War, World War Channel, and Hero.

-- Information is current as of February 14, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Military films, documentaries, and TV shows

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