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Spooky Slots

Quick Look: Spooky Slots is a Halloween-themed video slots game similar to what you would play in a casino. The game allows you to wager bets ranging from 27 to 675 coins on 9 possible lines. Each symbol has different point or award values, which are described under the Paytables tab in the bottom left corner of the screen which can be access by pressing the Pause/Play button on your remote.

Once per hour you can add 500 coins for free by clicking on the add coins icon. Watching a commercial will add 300 coins to your account. If you run out of coins you can purchase additional coins through the game using your saved payment method linked to your Roku account. Rates range from $5.00 for 11,000 coins to $70 for 600,000 coins.

Other slot games on Roku which seem a bit more realistic and offer more incentives include Slots VIP, Casino Slots and Mega Slots.

-- Information is current as of September 18, 2020

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