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Somyeol HD Quick Look: Here is the back story on this action game: "The cute little Somyeols live happy and peaceful on their nice green planet Greensland. One day their planet got hit by a Meteor, because of the collision the Somyeols are spread all over the universe. Things are far from simple, however, as they are a vulnerable crowd that need plenty of help to reach the rocket so they can find a new planet. The only chance for the Somyeols to live together in happiness and peace is to rebuild a new civilization on the new planet."

The objective of the game: "Try to get most of the Somyeols to their rocket so they can fly to the new planet. For each saved Somyeol you will get a specific number of points. To win the level you need a minimum score and you´ll get to the next level."

A short video showing some of the game play can be viewed below.

-- Information is current as of December 21, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Rescue the endangered species of the cute Somyeols in this family friendly 2D Puzzle Platformer. A mix of classic games such as Super Mario Bros and Lemmings, guide our heroes home while controlling multiple Somyeols at once.

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DEVELOPER: Lubitz, Kolja Waschkau, Jannik GbR

FEES: $2.99 one-time purchase from the Roku Channel Store

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