Quick Look: Solitaire4us plays exactly like the classic card game, with a few added features. The game starts out asking who is going to play; add your name, initials, or nickname and you can start to play. The right directional button on your Roku brings up the menu allowing you to customize the game. You have the option to play Single Draw or Draw 3 (more traditional), restart, or quit.

The game has an intuitive nature, meaning clicking on a card will highlight where it can be played. The directional keys on your remote move the cursor from one card to the next; clicking OK on a card will allow you to move it. The "Help" tab describes the basic game play premise and explains the available "Shortcuts":

  • FF Button moves you to the bottom of a column
  • REW Button moves you to the first face up card in the column
  • Back Button will undo your last move (however you will be penalized 6 seconds and 3 moves)
  • "A" Button shows you any moves between the bottom columns (however you will be penalized 12 seconds and 6 moves)

The game tracks how many moves you make and how long it takes to complete a single game. For those of you that want to stack the odds in your favor there is a "Winnable Game" option. There is also a "Scores" tab that keeps track of your game play, recording the length of the game and number of moves for both Deal 1 and Deal 3 games.

-- Information is current as of December 18, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Classic Solitaire comes to Roku. Free, fun and intuitive with 1 card and 3 card draw, multiple players, undo, and a "Duh" key for those times when there's no one around to yell "put the 5 on the 6!" Great fun for everyone!

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