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SmartBabies TV

Quick Look: SmartBabies TV is an animated learning channel geared towards children aged 4 to 6. The videos are separated into two categories, ABC and ABC Universe. The ABC category contains short videos with content for every letter of the alphabet. For example the letter B presents easily-relatable words that children can understand such as Bird, Bear, Banana and Ball. The words are spelled out, vocalized, and have an image. The ABC Universe category does the same thing except it is based on categories. One example would be Birds, the video provides images of birds as well as the spelling, pronunciation and the letter it starts with. Images include Duck, Chick, Eagle, Owl, Pelican and Ostrich.

-- Information is current as of October 2, 2020

Developer's Channel Description: By surfing around the Smart Babies TV you’ll find dozens of popular items to engage your children in funny activities of learning the ABC, colors, numbers, animals, shapes, and a lot more. Singing and learning the world around is designed to make the educational process useful, captivating, and exciting both for kids and their parents!

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DEVELOPER: VlogBox, Inc.

FEES: None