Leo the Wildlife Ranger

Quick Look: Leo the Wildlife Ranger is an award-winning video series teaching children aged 3-6 about wildlife and nature. The show features Leo and his companions Katie, Ranger Roky, and Hero as they travel the globe in search of exotic animals and diverse cultures.

There are 2 complete seasons available on this Roku channel, with videos investigating species in a fun and educational manner, some of which include the komodo dragon, three-toed sloth, white spotted pufferfish, and the red-bellied piranha. The videos cover all of the information about the species including the environment in which it can be found, diet, and cautionary details.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Hi there, everybody! I’m Leo, the wildlife ranger. I’m inviting you to discover an exciting world of wild nature right now! We’ll go on safari to see native African dwellers, go deeper into the forests, sail and dive into the deep waters to observe the diverse water zones. There is plenty of things we’ve seen and even more are waiting for us! We are chasing incredible animal stories to discover more about wildlife citizens. The episodes of Leo the Wildlife Ranger were rewarded as the Best Preschool Programme and lots of kids aged 3-6 joined us worldwide. Watch animal diaries to see how and where they live. You’ll love nature and animals as much as we do, so jump in to see our mini-episodes. Join Leo and his companions, Katie, Ranger Roky, and Hero. Find your favorite animal and explore all about it!

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DEVELOPER: VlogBox, Inc.

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