Kids Tube - Videos for Youtube Kids TV

Kids Tube - Videos for Youtube Kids TV is an unofficial app that provides on-demand access to videos from YouTube Kids, a website and app for Android and iOS that gives "kids a more contained environment that makes it simpler and more fun for them to explore on their own, and easier for parents and caregivers to guide their journey as they discover new and exciting interests along the way."

This third-party app separates videos into three age groups:

  • Preschool - Ages 4 & under
  • Youger - Ages 4-8
  • Older - Ages 9-12

Within each group you'll find YouTube channels and other content categories that vary by age group. For example, "Older" children will find popular channels that include Vsauce, TED-Ed, Family Fun Pack, and others, along with videos available under Recommended, Shows, Music, Explore, and Gaming.

The channel launches with a free trial period (no registration requires), but the duration of the trial is not provided. Following the trial period, you will need to subscribe for "unlimited streaming and no interrupting pop-ups."

-- Information is current as of November 8, 2023

CHANNEL STORE DESCRIPTION: All content belongs to respective owners. This App does not claim any right over them. This app is just a view of YouTube Kids for Roku tv users. Kids Tube Tv - Safe Online Exploration: A safer online experience for kids. This app is made to help your kids be creative and playful. Parents can guide their children to discover exciting games and shows, supporting their learning journey. Quality Entertainment: Explore high-quality, educational content featuring favorite channels like Coco Melon, PAW Patrol, and more. From ABCs to math, nursery rhymes, and games. Children can sing, dance, and learn, all within a safe environment.

** Please note that Kids Tube is an unofficial app and is not affiliated with the official Youtube kids platform. **

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FEES: Free trial period; $2.99/month for unlimited streaming and no interrupting pop-ups.