IQ Test Evolution HD

Quick Look: IQ Test Evolution HD is designed to test your intelligence and reasoning skills. The game has 10 different puzzles. Each puzzle is unique and prompts you to choose what the next logical diagram would be from the list of possible answers. You use the arrow keys on your remote to choose the correct answer. The game is timed and you have 10 minutes to answer all 10 questions, so you can't spent too much time on any one question. Each time you play there are a different series of puzzles, and you are given an "IQ Score" at the completion of the game based on your results. The game is for entertainment purposes only and is not designed to be an authentic IQ Test.

-- Information is current as of June 29, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: IQ Test Evolution is a fun game that aims to measure your intelettivo quotient by the ability of reasoning and observation.The game is made with high resolution images.Have fun exploring your potential and those of your friends!

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DEVELOPER: Stany2011

FEES: None