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Hangman Geo

Quick Look: Hangman Geo is an educational version of the classic game Hangman. The game has several different categories, and over 3000 puzzles that all center around Geography. The categories include: Countries, Capitals, Seas, Mountains, Rivers, and Random.

The game plays the same as the traditional Hangman game on Roku where you're shown a line for each letter in the word or phrase you're trying to solve. Select a letter - if that letter is in the word or phrase, it will appear in the proper location. If you picked wrong, a body part is placed in the hangman's noose. You can have a total of 6 incorrect guesses, but the 7th incorrect choice results in a loss. There is an option for sound which rewards you with a resounding "YEAAA" for a win or a heartfelt "Oh NO" for a loss.

There are three skill levels available: Easy, Normal, Hard; these are based on the difficulty of the word. There is no scoring and no keeping track of the number of wins - if you want to play against one another, you'll have to track wins and losses the old-fashioned way, with pen and paper.

-- Information is current as of June 11, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Hangman Geo is a typical guessing game which contains more than 3000 geographical names. Currently the words could be chosen from five different categories: countries, capitals, mountains, rivers and seas. For the more enjoyable playing there are three different game levels: easy, normal and hard

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DEVELOPER: Lavender7

FEES: None