Halloween Smash

Quick Look: Halloween Smash is a themed version of the Knife Smash Roku game, which is a game of timing with the object being to throw all of your knives without hitting any existing knives on the target while collecting "pumpkin points" to purchase more knives. Pumpkin points are collected as you throw your knives - you are awarded one point for every pumpkin you hit, but if you hit an existing knife on the spinning target you are penalized varying amounts of "pumpkin points." Not having enough points to pay a penalty ends the game. The more points you collect, the higher level the knife you can purchase.

Game Information

  • There are 32 knives to purchase and unlock
  • There are 50 game stages
  • The wheel spins at varying speeds
  • The wheel spins both clockwise and counter clockwise
  • Win "Boss Fights" to unlock knives
  • Score and current stage are maintained

-- Information is current as of September 27, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Get ready for some Halloween fun! Toss your spooky knives and blades and try to hit the spinning targets! Very simple one-touch game play, but challenging to master! Can you collect all the ridiculous weapons? Happy Halloween!

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DEVELOPER: TransGaming Interactive Limited

FEES: None