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EscapeQuick Look: Although the opening storyline would suggest otherwise, this is not a role-playing game. It's an arcade-style game in which you move your paddle left and right across the bottom of screen to bounce a ball of it. The ball breaks boxes across the top of the screen, giving you game points. Your paddle gets shorter every time a falling fireball strikes it. Break all the boxes to move to the next level before losing your allotment of three balls. This game is similar to the Android game Break the Bricks.

There are some other features that you'll discover as you play. When you lose, just make sure you select the option to restart from the last game, otherwise you'll have to sit through a minute-long opening where text scrolls up the screen telling you that you have to break out of the dungeon and so on.

Similar Roku games are Retro Tennis and BORK.

-- Information is current as of January 4, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: Addicting game where the goal is to bounce your energy ball against a variety of targets to destroy them. Move through advancing levels of difficulty and face the Dark Sisters who have imprisoned you.

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