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Downhill Bowling 2

Downhill Bowling 2 Quick Look: Downhill Bowling 2 is an arcade style game that requires a Roku with a gaming remote. The player tilts the remote left and right to steer a bowling ball through the course to collect coins and gems while trying to avoid obstacles such as rocks and water. You will also plow through the occasional set of bowling pins, but this isn't a polished-wood alley. Using the A or B button lets you jump the ball up to collect more items or to avoid obstacles. Finish a level and if you have enough coins you can pay to unlock the next level.

-- Information is current as of September 18, 2014

Developer's Channel Description: Developer GameResort delivers intense bowling action that has you racing down slopes, charging up ramps, and blasting through pins. Grab bombs, coins, speed-ups and other power-ups as you speed downhill on a points rampage.

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FEES: 1 time purchase of $1.99

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