Counting with Paula

Quick Look: Counting with Paula is an award-nominated animated series geared towards preschoolers to help them learn basic arithmetic and mathematics skills. The channel contains 5 seasons of content with Paula and her friends embarking on wondrous adventures learning to manage new situations. Each episode involves mathematical tasks whether it be adding or subtracting or counting objects, your children will always be learning in a fun and positive fashion.

The Counting with Paula YouTube channel contains additional content including the video below.

-- Information is current as of November 18, 2021

Developer's Channel Description: Counting with Paula is a compelling animated series for preschoolers where they learn arithmetic and basic mathematical tasks. Creators made the education fun and engaging, so it won’t be complicated for kids.

Meet Paula! Together with her friends, you’ll gain skills and learn how to manage various issues.

Get ready to depart for adventures in Amazon jungles, ocean abyss, desert expanses, and cosmic trips. It was not easy to pick one direction, so we decided to go everywhere.

By the way, the Counting with Paula seasons were nominated in different categories several times, including ‘the Best’ as 3D Animation with an educational and entertaining course for a preschool audience for Season 1, Season 2, and won the Country Winner of Best Children’s Animated Series for Season 3. Team up with Paula, friends, and Numbers! Travel and get smarter with every episode!

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DEVELOPER: VlogBox, Inc.

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