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CONtv Anime

CONtv Anime, from the same folks that brought us the Comic-Con-focused CONtv Roku channel, offers a wealth of anime movies and episodes from two dozen series. Content includes three seasons of BeyBlade: Metal Fury, where teams battle one another using Beyblade spinning tops which are enchanted with magical spirits; Fist of the North Star, a 1986 martial arts anima film in which a martial arts master, a young thief, and an orphan in a post-nuclear wasteland form an unlikely trio determined to bring justice to a lawless world; and 25 episodes of 07-Ghost, a manga series about a young amnesiac who finds shelter in a church and discovers that demons are trying to invade the world. The first episode of 07-Ghost can be seen below.

-- Information is current as of June 5, 2020

Roku Channel Store Description: CONtv Anime has thousands of great series and films to discover. Whether you like original UK or Australian series, Telenovelas or Korean Drama you’ll find top titles on Viewster. The app doesn't, however, feature current blockbusters. We’ll show you great pic every week and then it’s up to you to discover your favorites and share them with your friends.

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