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The CollegeHumor Roku channel features 40 "CollegeHumor Original" short videos. Generally between two and five minutes in length, each video is either a standalone humor piece, or an episode of a miniseries such as Jake and Amir and Hardly Working.

The videos on the Roku channel seem to be randomly selected, and they are thrown together in the menu with no organization. It would be helpful if they were categorized, as they are on the CollegeHumor website, by miniseries. The site does allow bookmarking, so you can pick which of the 40 videos you want to watch later, but the channel does not allow users to log in with their website accounts. Also, when you reach the end of a video, the next video autoloads, so you can sit back and watch multiple videos without reaching for the remote every few minutes.

-- Information is current as of March 20, 2013

Developer's Channel Description: CH Originals is CollegeHumor's original videos section. Multiple times every week, it chews up pop culture and spits out fresh, TV-quality comedy directly into your face. Featuring everything from satire to music videos to acclaimed series.

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