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Collateral Damage Report Vol3

Quick Look: Collateral Damage Report Vol3 is a continuation of Collateral Damage Report Vol2 (currently, there is no Volume 1), providing a library of "visualized poetry." In each video, the lines of a poem are displayed against a visual backdrop.

The poems are from author Michael Pollick, whose work has appeared in publications that include The Iconoclast, Midwest Poetry Review, MOSAIC, HART-A Tome for the Arts, Miller's Pond and many others. According to Pollick's Amazon author page, he "views his work as a hybrid of poetry and microshort fiction. While poetry can be viewed as a snapshot of a human experience, many of his pieces also feature a definite story arc. His poetry and creative writing influences include ee cummings, Raymond Carver and Cecil Adams."

-- Information is current as of April 25, 2018

Developer's Channel Description: Collateral Damage Report Vol3 is the final collection of visualized poems created by award-winning author Michael Pollick.

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DEVELOPER: Michael Pollick

FEES: None

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