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Carter Jones Adventures

Quick Look: The best way to describe the Carter Jones Adventures game would be Mario Bros meets Angry Birds. The game is a combination of old-school "maze running" - finding hidden objects and bonuses - mixed with the grading system of Angry Birds where you are awarded points based on how efficiently you completed the level.

The game requires a Roku game remote, or a compatible model (Roku3) works fine. There are over 30 levels of stars to collect and pitfalls to avoid. You start the game with five lives traversing the landscape collecting stars finding hidden treasure and player bonuses. At the completion of each level you are awarded points based on your efficiency and given a grade of 1-3 stars for your performance.

-- Information is current as of September 23, 2015

Developer's Channel Description:Jump, bump and run as Carter Jones through this fun and challenging game while gathering as much stars as possible. Carter Jones packs beautiful hand-drawn graphics and high quality sound while capturing the fun and excitement of the classic games we all love.

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