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Car City

Quick Look: Car City is an collection of animated videos for children. The videos feature a wide variety of vehicles that are all friends and help each other out when in need. Characters include Tom the Tow Truck, The Excavator Edgar, Charlie the Crane, Matt the Police Car, Frank the Fire Truck, and more. The videos vary in length and are geared to a younger audience.

The channel requires a monthly subscription but the videos were found for free on the Trucks Cartoons for Kids YouTube channel. Below is a sample video to show the type of content available on this channel.

-- Information is current as of July 5, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Welcome to Car City, the magical place where cars and trucks live happily all together. Follow the adventures of Tom, a tow truck always ready to repair his friends. Join Mat the police car and Franck the fire truck, the fearless detectives of the Car Patrol, in solving the mysteries of Car City. Ride with Troy, the world’s fastest train and constructor of Car City. Save the day with Carl, the ingenious and super-truck, who can transform into any vehicle, and discover many other friends in their incredible adventures. Join the Car Team!

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