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Busy Beavers Espanol

Quick Look: Busy Beavers Espanol is a collection of Spanish lessons for children or adults wanting to learn a few key phrases in Spanish. The channel offers a total of 49 videos, 24 of which are English to Spanish translation videos. These videos provide repetitious videos covering key words and phrases in Spanish such as "I'm Cold", "What is this" and "Drinking water". All of the videos are animated and provide both spoken and written English and Spanish translations.

The remaining videos area mixture of educational videos in both English and Spanish, teaching colors, shapes and numbers.

Below is a sample video found on the Busy Beavers Espanol YouTube channel

-- Information is current as of September 21, 2016

Developer's Channel Description: Busy Beavers hace que los niños cantar y hablar en español. Los niños pequeños, niños en edad preescolar, los niños de Kinder y ESL Escuela Primaria Los estudiantes de todo el mundo están aprendiendo español con Busy Beavers vídeos

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None

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