Baby Sleep Relax Dream TV

Quick Look: Baby Sleep Relax Dream TV provides seven videos with relaxing music set to images of teddy bears and other soothing animated scenes. Videos include Starry Night Slumber, Rainy Day Relaxation, and Calming Sky. Each of the videos we sampled were around 30 minutes in length.

Although the videos all seem rather innocuous, each video starts by displaying a disclaimer that you assume all risk if mental and physical injuries. The videos also warn that you should not provide the music to children under 18 without checking with a physic to be sure the child is not be prone to epilepsy or susceptible to seizures. That seems rather intimidating for videos meant to soothe a baby to sleep, but use at your own caution.

Also, the Roku channel store description asks you to "remember ads keep this channel free." We didn't have time to play the videos long enough to trigger any ads, but don't be surprised if you baby wakes to the blaring sound of them.

-- Information is current as of January 24, 2019

Roku Channel Store Description: Baby Sleep Relax Dream TV on Roku: Help your baby and toddler enter a world of dreamy slumber with these wonderful relaxing music videos. Low light illustrations of teddy bears, angels & more come to life as water ripples, birds fly, stars twinkle, & clouds drift by in slow motion. Please remember ads keep this channel free.

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