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Quick Look: Animals by teaches children interesting facts about many different wild and domesticated animals, whether it be their diet, habitat, or the sounds they make. The channel is a collection of videos from various sources; some are animated, others have human characters, but all are educational. Not all of the videos found on this channel are in English, but they do have English text. The videos run in succession once initiated.

-- Information is current as of November 9, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Animals by Happykids channel serves as kids introduction to the world of animals.

The channel is well curated and the content is vast covering almost the entire animal kingdom.

Through this channel kids of age group 2-6 can be engaged to learn about the sounds animals make, which animals loves what kind of foods, the living places of animals, everyday life of animals and many more.

The channel has popular shows and songs from Blippi, Cocomelon, Little Baby Bum, Katie Cutie Kids TV, T-Rex Ranch, ABC Harry and many more - in such a way that accessing knowledge in fun-filled way can all be made at one place.

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DEVELOPER: Future Today Inc

FEES: None

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