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This listing shows all channels from the Roku Channel Store, sorted to show newest first.

Live weather newscasts, local weather conditions, local weather alerts (U.S. only) from the National Weather Service, weather maps, and more
Videos from independent filmmakers and musicians
Videos series from Pastor Mike Webb of the Foothill Family Church in Foothill Ranch, California
Sermons and video series from Grand Advent Church in Oakland, California
Videos from a DVD that examines Bible-related discoveries including Noah's Ark
Teachings from some of today's top Messianic / Hebrew Roots teachers
An animated tropical aquarium
A roaring fire in a fireplace
Close-up lava lamp action
A constantly changing kaleidoscope image with relaxing background music
Feature length indie films, paranormal investigations, documentaries and more
Content from faculty, students and staff at Columbus State University in Columbus, Georgia
Two streaming radio stations focusing on rock and metal, and guitar music
Short films in several categories including nature, culture, inspiration and moods
Hard-to-find collection of controversial, horrific, bizarre, underground and exploitation movies.
Content from multiple Anglican churches
Screensaver displays a slideshow of outer space images on your Roku-connected TV
Screensaver displays a slideshow of kitten photos on your Roku-connected TV
Screensaver displays a slideshow of puppy images on your Roku-connected TV
Positive Christian lifestyle programming featuring a huge variety of health, family, biblical, teachings and children's programming.