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The Best of Roku

The Best Roku News Channels Roku offers a wide selection of news channels. You'll find American broadcast and cable news networks, international newscasts, as well as channels dedicated to local, business, and politically-oriented news. Presented here is our selection of the best Roku news channels.

The Best Holiday Cooking Channels on RokuHopefully by now your Christmas feast is planned and your cooking and baking are under control But if you're still looking for another dessert recipe, need a special side dish, or want some last-minute cooking tips, these Roku cooking channels will help you create the perfect meal for your family and guests.

Best Games on RokuWhile it can't match the Xbox One or PS4, Roku does offer a fair amount of entertainment in the Games category. Whether you're looking for arcade games, brain-twisting games, or games of strategy, you can probably find something to your liking on Roku. Here's a look at the most popular and the highest-rated games on Roku.

Roku Screensavers That Display Current Time and WeatherWhen the CLOC screensaver temporarily stopped displaying current weather conditions, I was surprised at the outpouring of grief. I found out that I'm not the only one who had come to rely on my TV displaying constantly updated temperature and local weather while my Roku was idle. CLOC has been repaired, but it's not the only screensaver that can display current weather. Listed below are RokuGuide's picks for the best screensavers offering current time and weather.

Grindhouse Channels on Roku Grindhouse is a genre of movies that may not appeal to the masses, but if you like gritty, borderline offensive, over the top movies, we have some Roku channel recommendations for you. For a movie to be deemed a grindhouse film it must contain a fair amount of sex, violence, or bizarre subject matter. While every movie listed may not appeal to you, a vast majority of the movies found on these channels fit the description very well. You will find over the top subject matter, gratuitous violence and nudity, and movie themes that make you scratch your head and wonder why.