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Roku Thanksgiving Zone delivers a curated collection of holiday entertainment

November 19, 2019 - 15:14 -- RokuGuide

Roku Zone delivers a curated collection of Thanksgiving entertainmentWhen Roku released their newest operating system, Roku OS 9.2, earlier this year, they introduced a new feature to U.S. users called Roku Zones. Zones are collections of curated content related to specifc genres and topics. When a user searches on a supported genre or topic on a Roku device, the search results will consist of relevant content from numerous Roku channels, arranged in browsable rows that may include free titles, new releases, and other categories.

To help you find Thanksgiving holiday entertainment, Roku has created a zone that lists movies and TV episodes from several Roku channels, along with links to channels that carry football coverage. To find the Thanksgiving Zone, you will need to select the Search option from your Roku's home screen menu, search "Thanksgiving," and select Thanksgiving Zone from the results.

Roku's Thanksgiving Zone currently includes the categories and content listed below, but Roku does update zones, so new content may became available. Also, be aware that much of the content, especially the movies, requires a rental or purchase fee or a subscription to a streaming video service. The free content consists primarily of TV episodes found on channels like Food Network and don't require authentication to view. When you select a video title, you'll be presented with a list of viewing options. Finding free content will require you to check each title to see what options are available.

Content Available on the Roku Thanksgiving Zone

  • Featured - Currently 11 movies available. Some are seasonal favorites like "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles" or have obvious Thanksgiving tie-ins (Family Thanksgiving), but the holiday angle of some others (North by Northwest, You've Got Mail) are questionable.
  • Best Thanksgiving Episodes - A dozen Thanksgiving TV episodes from series such as Modern Family (Punkin Chunkin), Boy Meets World (Turkey Day), and The Simpsons (Bart vs. Thanksgiving).
  • Thanksgiving Cooking Tips - Thanksgiving episodes from a half-dozen TV shows, including Worst Cooks in America (Thanksgiving Redemption), Throwdown With Bobby Flay (Thanksgiving Feast), and Barefoot Contessa (Cook Like a Pro: Thanksgiving Sides). For more Thanksgiving cooking videos, see our article "These Roku channels provide help for your Thanksgiving meal."
  • Football Movies - 18 titles, including Rudy (1993), Jerry Maguire (1996), and North Dallas Forty (1979).
  • Live Football and Highlights - Links to popular sports channels, such as ESPN, Fox Sports, NBC Sports, and NFL.
  • Get Ready for the Holidays - Six Christmas movies and TV specials, including A Christmas Story (1983), Elf (2003), Home Alone (1990), and A Charlie Brown Christmas. (For more Christmas holiday content, search for the 'Holiday' zone on your Roku.)