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New Roku Channels - November 14, 2018

November 14, 2018 - 21:18 -- RokuGuide

New Roku Channels - November 14, 2018We've reviewed 30 new Roku channels so far this week, with content in the categories of Games, International, Lifestyle, Movies & TV, Music, News & Weather, Religious, Sci & Tech, Screensavers, Sports, Travel, and Web Video. Click on the links below for more details on each channel, including our exclusive channel reviews.

TheDominoKing - Chain reaction dominoes, exploding sticks, and Rube Goldberg machines
FilmZone - B-grade and straight-to-video movies
Life in 4K - Ambient videos from locations around the world, including Thailand, Venice, Seattle, the Italian Alps, and Oahu
RUN CMD - Run, jump and avoid the security guards and bots
Hardcore Parkour - Fails, highlights and stunts, plus maybe a few actual parkour videos
REIGN - Curated African American and urban culture themed content ($)
Free Thriller Movies - Vintage Public Domain Movies
Hot Hitz 80s - Music in the Hot Hits format that exploded in the 80s, including jingles and Baltimore FM radio DJ Rockin Rob
Life of Gadgets - Gadgets for numerous applications
Action movie vids - Vintage public domain movies and serials
Adventure movies collection - Made-for-television and vintage public domain films
Bloxlive TV - Daily updates in the cryptocurrency market
It's Us - Family Vlog - A chronicle of the day-to-day lives of the Pflederer family
Lifestyle with Hannah Forcier - Following the life of a girl that wears a wig so others can benefit
Virtual Rogue River - A compilation of videos from several locations on Southern Oregon's Rogue River ($)
Asian Wisdom Screensaver - Display Chinese proverbs while your Roku is idle ($)
Beach Volleyball Screensaver - Display photos of people playing beach volleyball while your Roku is idle ($)
Christmas Joy - Displaying Christmas images while your Roku is idle ($)
Football Screensaver - Display "in action" football images while your Roku is idle ($)
41NBC-WMGT - On-demand local news segments covering Middle Georgia
ColombiaTV - Six live feeds from Colombian TV networks (Spanish)
Colorado Springs Channel - Original Shows as well as a Guide to Everything in this Amazing City!
La Calle TV - Content targeting Hispanics in the US & Latin America (Spanish)
Sci-Fi Movies of all times - Mostly vintage public domain movies
Wilmington NC Events Calendar - A daily calendar of events in Wilmington, North Carolina
Luz De Cristo Tv - Christian radio show (Spanish)
Ten Commandments Screensaver - Display individual commandments while your Roku is idle ($)
New Bedford Christian Radio - Christian radio station that is part of the King of Kings Ministry Network in Jerusalem
Legendary Western Movies - The usual collection of vintage public domain Westerns from the 1930s - 50s
Ishvani Television - Live stream Hindi Christian devotional channel (video not functional as of Nov. 14, 2018)