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Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

Send photos, videos, and music to your Roku and to those of your friends

Add Channel - tvque

Channel Description: TVQue promises to let you send photos, videos, music, and e-mail to any Roku running the TVQue channel. You should also be able to create new channels within the channel using RSS playlists. The channel is poorly document, has a horrible user interface, and is quite buggy. However, this is a beta, and it offers some interesting options that patient Roku users may want to explore.

TVQue Screenshot

To get started, you will need to link your Roku to a TVQue account. Start by selecting the top-center icon (see the screenshot below). Visit and enter the code shown on your screen. Yes, the code is oddly formed and is in the format 3@ 1zk9. Enter the full string, including the space. You will also need to enter a valid e-mail address and a password. Check your e-mail, click on the validation link, and your Roku should display Welcome on top of the settings screen. (Note: if the link drops, as mine did once, reregister with the same e-mail and password to restore functionality.)

The TVQue main screen is mostly links to video series. Meerkat is the top-right selection. You'll also find Discovery News and several other options. But the main draw of this channel is the ability to send personal media to your Roku. To do this, return to the website and click on the link to "Add photos, videos, music and mail to any TV." You can now add any Roku-supported file types. From the same window, add the e-mail address you registered with (to send to a friend who uses TVQue, enter their e-mail address) and click the Que to TV button.

If you sent those files to yourself, you can now return to TVQue on Roku and you should see the number of new messages and a preview of the files sent in the top-left box. Click on it view or listen to the files you just sent.

As I said, the user interface leaves a lot to be desired. I haven't completely figured it out, and it's not at all intuitional. While watching videos from the preloaded playlists, the right arrow brings up a display of other videos at the bottom of the screen. Rather than forwarding within a video, the fast-forward button jumps to the next video. The play/pause button will pause the video, but pressing it again will not resume the video. The * button will sometimes take you to the main menu - but not always. The OK button pulls up a series of screens and options, but if you push it too many times it will dump you completely out of the channel.

Okay, I did say this is for the patient Roku user, didn't I? I don't have enough patience to explore the channel further, and the website has features that I haven't even begun to look at. If you figure things out, leave a message in the comment section below to help out your fellow Roku users. I do hope this channel progresses, though, as it potentially offers an excellent way to send media to the Rokus of your friends and families. Options to that are few.

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