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Podcasts offering fitness training, vintage military video, military news, and more

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RokuGuide Channel Description: The Pentagon Channel on Roku offers 19 podcasts. The content is geared towards those in the military, their families, and veterans, but much of the content will be of interest to non-military audiences as well. The conditioning training in the three "Fit for Duty" podcast series are just as good for civilians as for those in uniform. And the meals on "The Grill Sergeants" aren't just for the armed forces.

Here are the podcasts you'll find on this channel (descriptions courtesy of The Pentagon Channel):

  • Troops in Focus -
  • Armed and Apertured -
  • Armed Forces Boxing Championship - TPC Sports brings you ringside for all the action from each year's Armed Force Boxing Championship since 2010. The championship places the top military boxers from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines head to head to battle for the gold.
  • Battleground - A Pentagon Channel original series featuring historic films from WWII, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and recent conflicts.
  • Bloggers' Roundtable - A weekly discussion between senior military & civilian leaders and bloggers about operations in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere.
  • Briefings & Speeches - Features senior DoD leader speeches and briefings from the DoD briefing studio on a wide range of topics, as well as briefings from Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff - Interviews with and statements from the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on issues concerning service members.
  • Close Combat - An 8-week series on the benefits of military combatives training. Plus, all the action from the 2010 Army Combatives Championship.
  • Command Performance - Features military journalists taking you backstage with today's top entertainers for conversations with a uniquely military perspective.
  • Fit for Duty - Fit for Duty takes viewers through a high-energy 30-minute workout led by servicemembers with expertise in fitness training.
  • Fit for Duty: Cardio - These Fit for Duty episodes focus on high-energy cardiovascular workouts.
  • Fit for Duty: Resistance Training - Fit for Duty's resistance training episodes feature a variety of fitness-building techniques, such as Marine Corps Martial Arts and weight training.
  • Fit for Duty: Yoga & Pilates - These Fit for Duty episodes feature Yoga and the Pilates method, both used to build strength, flexibility and agility.
  • FNG (For New Guys) - A half-hour survival guide for new servicemembers about gut-filling recipes, great trips, awesome deals and cool adventures.
  • Recon - A half-hour program looking at a variety of topics from real world operations, missions, military events and history.
  • The American Veteran - Information for veterans, their families and their communities about the services and benefits they've earned through their service.
  • The Grill Sergeants - A half-hour cooking show featuring some of the military's top chefs guiding viewers through step-by-step menu preparation.
  • The Ultimate Sacrifice - Honors servicemembers who have laid down their lives in the line of duty.
  • This Week in the DoD - A podcast featuring the latest news from the Department of Defense.
  • TPC News - Military news from top defense officials and the military services.
  • Warrior Games - Profiles of competitors and highlights of competition at the Warrior Games from the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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