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Explore hundreds of maps around the world and Solar System

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RokuGuide Channel Description: The best information I can provide about this channel is that you need to explore it for yourself. The Map Channel gives you access to a host of maps, atlases, and similar geographical databases. And not just for Earth - you can also view mapping of the Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn. But a warning: this isn't like Google Earth. You won't find a friendly graphical user interface, but geographically-minded users will have a lot of fun digging deep into this channel.

What this channel does is link you to a wide variety of geographical databases. For example, maps of the United States include NEXRAD weather radar, FEMA flood maps, and maps from the US EPA, NOAA, and other governmental agencies. Well, in theory anyway. Not all of the maps loaded for me, or maybe I didn't give them enough time. The channel's opening screen warns that maps come from servers all over the world and some will be slow or unavailable.

In addition to maps of the US, Earth-focused map selections are available for "Europewide," UK, Ireland, and Canada. However, first-time users may want to start off with the "favorites" selection from the main page. From there you can go directly to popular selections like Worldwide Street Map, US High Resolution Imager, Earth Image, and maps of the Moon, Mars, and the Jupiter moon Io. Using your Roku remote, you can zoom in and scroll.

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