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Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

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RokuGuide Channel Description: Skitter TV offers local over-the-air (OTA) channels through Roku and WD TV Live media streamers in certain designates market areas (DMAs). For those not in a DMA where Skitter TV offers local channels, a national package is available.

The service originally rolled out in Portland, Oregon, but the company does not reveal the DMAs currently available for local channels. To find out if you're in one of them, you will have to provide your name, e-mail address, and mailing address on their website. If you're not in a local-channel DMA, you will be given the opportunity to sign up for one of their national packages:

  • BEK Sports - This package is $11.99 per month and consists of several channels from BEK Sports, which broadcasts North Dakota high school sporting events.
  • National Package - Priced at $8.99 per month, this package includes 24 video channels and 41 music channels. The video channels include 5 channels from Mexico, 7 religious channels, and 2 shopping channels. Them remaining channels include One American News, Outdoor Channel, Wealth TV HD, Newsmax, Horse Racing TV, and Blue Highways TV.

FEES: Variable

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