roKiosk Launcher

Private Channel Notice!

Roku has removed all private (non-certified) channels from Roku devices and this channel is no longer available. See this article for more information.

Create a screensaver using your favorite Roku channel

Add Channel - rokiosklauncher

Channel Description: roKiosk Launcher a custom screensaver that can auto-launch any channel installed on your Roku Player. If you want your Roku to always display a private channel
even after a power failure, or you have a Roku TV that you turn off at night, this screensaver will force your channel to load and start.

1) Install the channel
2) Go to Screensaver, choose: roKiosk Launcher
3) Choose: Custom Settings

The channel will let you cycle through every channel that is installed on
your player. Choose the one you want to launch, save.

Make sure that screen saver is turned on, and the wait time is the lowest
possible - right now that is 1 minute.

FEES: None

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-- Information is current as of April 29, 2016