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Follows the lives and professional careers of various members of the Red Bull Team as they compete

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RokuGuide Channel Description: Red Bull TV brings you a live stream of today's finest high-adrenaline athletes. The channel follows the lives and professional careers of various members of the Red Bull Team as they compete for World Titles and National Championships. Watch your favorite athlete compete and get an inside look into their lives and what makes them tick. Team Red Bull is comprised of both men and women that compete in high octane extreme sports where the ultimate goal is to win the X Games.

Shows currently (May 2014) running are:

  • What Difference Does it Make: The film covers the challenges and triumphs that todays rising musicians face. The film features the likes of Brian Eno, Giorgio Moroder, Nile Rodgers, Richie Hawtin and James Murphy.
  • Grilsodes: This is a Series that follows the life and career of Professional Snowboarder Marco Grilic.
  • Streets and Avenues: Is a series that is currently comprised of 6 episodes that gives you a behind the scenes look at New York City's BMX riders, Skaters, Club Promoters and Graffiti artists.
  • Life Behind Bars: Follows the career of mountain bike star Brandon Semenuk and his crew as they compete in World Tour Competitions
  • 21 Days: Follows the lives and rivalries of todays top surfers as they compete in various ASP competitions.
  • Break'n Reality: takes a look at todays top breakdance crews as they compete for top ranking
  • Peaking- A Big Wave Surfers Perspective: takes a look at the lives of 6 different big wave surfers as they prepare for a competition
  • The Chris Birch Project: a 6 episode series follows the career of this Enduro champion as he prepares for the X Games in LA.
  • Mates in Alaska: Follow Jake Koia and Roland Morley-Brown as they shred the freshest powder that Alaska has to offer.
  • Ride and Seek: Follow Pro BMX Riders Corey Martinez, Garrett Reynolds, and Tony Neyer as they load their bikes and hit the road looking for new spots to shred.
  • Who is JOB: Follow the life of surfer Jamie O'Brien at Hawaii's infamous Pipeline
  • Drakes Passage: Follow Drake McElroy as he travels the world as a judge for the Red Bull X-Fighters World Tour
  • Momentum: looks into the underlying factors that motivate a Red Bull Athlete
  • Red Bull BC One: follow 16 of the worlds best B-Boys as the compete for the Red Bull BC One
  • The Atheron Project: follows the pro mountain biking family Dan, Gee, and Rachel Atheron as they compete and have behind the scenes fun

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