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RokuGuide Channel Description: The iTunes Podcast private/non-certified Roku channel provides access to free podcasts in the iTunes library. You don't need iTunes installed on your computer to use this channel, as it pulls podcasts directly from the iTunes library. And you don't even need an iTunes account.

On launch, the iTunes Podcast channel offers the following options:

  • Favorites - From the video menu of any podcast, you can elect to mark the podcast as a favorite. After doing so, your favorites can be accessed from this location. (Note that even though you are selecting a specific podcast episode as a favorite, it's the entire podcast series that gets listed under Favorites.)
  • Top Podcasts - Currently (January 2018), if you select "video only" you'll find a listing of several podcasts followed by the categories New & Noteworthy, Events at the Apple Store, and HD. Each category offers between 20 and 32 podcasts. Using a non-intuitive menu layout, the Let's Eat podcasts are followed by five podcast topics - Arts, Business, Comedy, Education, and Games & Hobbies - that will take you to a screen for each top where you'll find listings under New and Noteworthy, What's Hot, and All Podcasts. Under Modern Radio Drama, five topics not related to Modern Radio Drama are listed - ESPN,, All Things Comedy, Kinda Funny, and Vice.
  • Search - If you're looking for a specific podcast or topic, search for it here.
  • Settings - When you launch the iTunes Podcast channel you will be asked whether you want to view only video podcasts, only audio podcasts, or all podcasts. If you don't want to select each time, this settings screen will let you set a default podcast format.

When you select a podcast, you have the option of add it to your "favorites", which can be accessed through the main menu as mentioned above. There is no option to link the Roku channel to your iTunes account, though, so the favorites that you select on the Roku will be available only on the Roku.

Note that only free podcasts are available through this channel. Paid and other content, such as movies, music, and TV shows, still require you to use the iTunes app on your computer or mobile device.

-- Information is current as of January 3, 2018

DEVELOPER: The Endless

FEES: None

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iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku
iTunes Podcasts on Roku