Creature Cast

Fan channel for WGN shows Creature Features, Family Classics, and Bozo's Circus

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Channel Description: Creature Cast pays homage to three shows broadcast on Chicago's WGN-TV in decades past. The channel includes re-creations of three airings of Creature Features, a show that, according to IMDB, "was introduced with a spooky voice-over, reciting a chilling poem, while a creepy montage of Universal monsters lurked on screen. The movies shown ranged from classic Universal films to fun b-grade flicks." The shows include " vintage commercials and opening narration written by original series write, Karen Verwolf." The movies featured in these re-creations are Son of Dracula (1943), Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man (1943), and Dracula (1931), but only Son of Dracula worked at the time of our review. Likewise, a listing for "Creature Features Scariest Moments - The lost 1976 TV Special," was not working.

The Creature Cast private channel lists two episodes of WGN's "Family Classics, " but only Mysterious Island, which aired in 1979, was working during our review. Three episodes of another WGN show, Bozo's Circus, dated 1968, 1977, and 1984, are also available - and all worked during our review.


FEES: None


-- Information is current as of June 19, 2018

Creature Cast on Roku
Creature Cast on Roku
Creature Cast on Roku