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A podcast hosted and presented by fun, yet at times real opinionated, Montrealers Clove and Sherley, aka CHO & NILLA

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RokuGuide Channel Description: The best way to describe this channel is from their website: " is a blog and podcast network hosted and presented by a fun, yet at times real opinionated Montrealers Clove and Sherley aka CHO & NILLA." The podcasters describe their channel as a Canuck version of Live with Kelly & Michael.

The hosts talk about "life and everything else in between. From love, relationship, parenting, love stories of other IR (interracial) couples of the world, current events, odd news, pop culture, anything that catches their attention while the kids are whisked away in sandman land."

So I guess what it boils down to is a no holds barred discussion after they put the kids to bed.

FEES: None

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