Quick Look: XElevation is a game of timing. The object of the game is to move your player from the lowest level up to the top level while avoiding any number of treacherous objects. The game is not timed so you are not racing the clock. However, speed does have its advantages. There are tokens you can pick up that give you "special abilities" and point bonuses if you are quick enough to pick them up before they disappear. You start out with 5 lives and there are 50 levels to challenge your dexterity and timing. The "runner" moves left and right with the directional keys on the remote and automatically pauses at the completion of each floor. Every time you are "killed" you start on the bottom floor and must complete the level before moving on to the next. The game can only be saved at 'benchmarks" which are ever 10 levels.

-- Information is current as of July 29, 2015

Developer's Channel Description: Observe obstacles, be patient and time your run to avoid obstacles to clear each floor in this platform game. Clear each floor dodging obstacles like elevators fire spikes electric poles In this version you have 50 challenging levels to complete with each level testing your patience and timing.

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